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See important WSJ article below. The “Privacy Protection Revolution” will accelerate in 2021. Marketers, particularly those in privacy-sensitive sectors like Health & Wellness and Financial Services, are particularly at risk, as this unfolds. We are explaining to our clients, that most of their PRIVACY violation risk is so easily avoided. My puzzlement with many advertisers is this:

When a viewer engages one of your campaign touchpoints (TV, radio, OOH, etc)—why do you chose to then direct them to your PUBLIC Internet website, or Social Media page, where this opting-in-lead is handed off to all of your Public Internet accessible competitors? If this “lead” were to call you on the phone, or walk into your trade-show booth—would you also share this precious lead with your competitors? (Of course not). Then why do you continue this antiquated PRIVACY violating-sharing within your traditional advertising campaign touchpoints? (Feel free to contact me if you are in need of a solution to this dilemma—WSJ article below).
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Regulatory Issues with Madison in 2021