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As healthcare service providers rush to deploy apps for Patient engagement—we suggest reading below article. My colleagues & I are in the Healthcare Communication Tech” business. Much of our expertise revolves around Public Internet Communication (PIC) PRIVACY protection. As a result, we offer strong cautionary guidance on Healthcare apps, social media, and most info sharing PIC websites. (And, yes–there ARE ways to privatize these). The risk from these PRIVACY violations extends to both consumers AND Healthcare service providers, who may encounter financial penalties, as result of placing consumers in “PRIVACY Harms Way.” (These Class Action Lawsuits are already occurring–with MANY more expected as CCPA is more widely adopted). Thus, we are pleased to see (below) stepped up Healthcare PRIVACY protection efforts from USA Congress #retailer , FTC, Justice Dept, etc. Maybe financial penalties will be required to accelerate PRIVACY protection from Healthcare service providers? #privacy #healthcarebusiness #apps #covid19 #healthcaretrends #cybersecurity #healthcare

Posted by: John McNulty, CEO Didgebridge