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Choose A Plan That Works For You!

We have a variety of plans available based on your needs and budget requirements.

 Getting Started Pricing Plans

Each campaign and client we serve at Didgebridge is unique and no two clients are the same.

We work with each new client on a consultative and needs analysis basis beginning with our first step of scoping out an individual project and creating a custom quote within 48 hours.


Unlike most popular platforms today our microsites do not share information with third-parties when viewers are interacting with the content. This is why we say we deliver content on private web pathways, away from the Internet data mining “Bad Guys.”

Think of “what we do” as in the same way the popular DuckDuckGo web browser delivers a private search experience we deliver content through text activated links that protect and respect personal privacy.


Each of our microsites are fully responsive and play on any mobile device.


We offer a variety of custom-built elegant and attractive microsites.


Each custom built microsite features today’s advanced web technologies and maintains browsing privacy.

consent based

Our platform was designed for opt-in and consent based communication to help build and increase individual trust to increase individual understanding and improve patient loyalty and retention.

smart analytics tools

Our analytics track only the information you need to know about video views, level of confirmed engagement, all while not collecting personal or patient information and therefore being GDPR and CCPA compliant.

stays up to date

Our campaigns and microsites keep your alerts and important information top of mind. You can schedule regular campaigns to stay in contact with your doctors, patients etc. and keep them up to date with a rich-content format measure the impact of your messages.

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