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As we plan for the recovered and reimagined front door to healthcare services in Retail, and focus on the needs of telehealth -virtual consults and pharmacy in particular I’m delighted to publish this excellent white paper from Frost and Sullivan. Very insightful views on the needs of patients, providers and pharmacists.

Neil Jordan – Microsoft

John McNulty, CEO Didgebridge commented on this.

Neil…this is a great White-Paper article, on the future of “Retail Healthcare Innovation.” Many feel that the USA’s healthcare system is fundamentally flawed due to its lack of “consumer needs focus.” The mega-retailers are experts at “Consumer Focused Marketing.” They see the opportunity void which has been provided them, by the USA’s $4.0T Healthcare industry’s continued failure to recognize that healthcare—is actually THE largest sector of the USA’s consumer driven economy. Retailers, with collaboration from technology leaders such as Microsoft—are now beginning to accelerate into this “opportunity void.” Immense good will come from this, as 1.2.1.personalized PRIVATE consumer (patient) prescription education & preventative education expands—using best of class (user friendly) PRIVATE mobile video networks. As a result of improved consumer Health & Wellness engagement, immense (avoidable) cost will also be removed from the system. The Surgeon General’s office predicts that $180 B in avoidable costs may be realized from improved prescription regimen adherence alone, in additional to 120,000 avoidable deaths. My colleagues & I “tip our cap” to Microsoft, for your continued leadership with Retail Healthcare Innovation.