1). The FTC (anti-trust) needs to prove “consumer harm” to nail these privacy-bad-guys. Facebook defends themselves by saying “we provide the consumer more choices, when we share their profiles” to our partners.

2.). This claim is defensible when it comes to a consumer’s running shoes or haircare profiles. But, when it comes to Facebook’s harvesting & sharing of consumers healthcare (risk) profiles—-harm is most certainly possible (probable, actual?) to consumers.

3). How is this harm occurring? Facebook enables the harvesting & reselling of our healthcare risk profiles by their myriad app partners, who then resell to data brokers, who then resell to Life Insurance & Health Insurance companies & Lending Institutions—who are all in the “risk aversion” business.

4.) Facebook & their enabled app partners– are able to track & mine ALL of our web activity, regardless of whether we are logged onto Facebook, or whether we have EVER subscribed to Facebook. This is a fact. Thus, lets assume a consumer is researching cancer drugs, from a variety of websites. Or, heart disease. Or now Covid 19?

Posted by: John McNulty, CEO Didgebridge