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FACEBOOK’S ETHICAL TROUBLES CONTINUE–why do major brands tolerate what appears to be a pattern of deception? (Wall Street Journal & New York Times articles below)

Facebook forced to admit its largest ad-metric-deception ever, and shrewdly announces this on Thanksgiving to ensure minimal awareness. My question for the agencies is this: Why do you continue to trust Facebook with your clients precious ad dollars—when Facebook has such a slimy track record of trust? No wonder MAJOR brands are aggressively searching for new, more trustworthy mediums.

In reality, this is more evidence that the Agency-World is broken. Fortunately, deep pocketed, PE backed, change agents are emerging to help address this mar-com debacle. Many believe that retailers may become the MOST trustworthy, ROI-powerful, 1.2.1. advertising medium.

Facebook Latest Error Shakes Advertisers’ Confidence