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Advertisers mar-com ROI will now likely improve as they shift $ from fraud filled, ROI-challenged social media to more ROI-legitimate mar-com mediums. Having been in the mar-com world for 25 years–we’ve been advocating this re-deployment of mar-com $ for several years. As the below article states, it appears that the patience (and trust?) of CMOs & their shareholders, is starting to run out. Over the years FB has violated brand # trust in so many ROI-damaging mays; overstating its members, exaggerating video ad views, violations of privacy—and most egregious—accepting over $1.0 in VC monies, from Russian oligarch buddies of Putin. But these were not enough weight to “break the camel’s back.” But as the below article suggests–the final straws may now be added?

Posted by: John McNulty, CEO Didgebridge