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Leaders in Mobile On-Demand Consumer Retail  Networks

Text to video privacy-focused web pathways.

Didgebridge Consumer Retail Solutions for Loyalty and Retention


Didgebridge helps you distribute your content on privacy-focused mobile web pathways.

We bridge the gap between high quality video production and video content distribution.

Through a joint marketing partnership with Microsoft, Didgebridge provides:


  • Next Generation Loyalty Marketing and Retention platform
  • Omni-channel marketing platform across all Marcom consumer touchpoints
  • Ability to create 100% Opt-in Private 1:1 Loyalty Networks
  • High-Level Retail and Consumer-centric Consulting

Create 100% Opt-in Private On Demand 1:1 Consumer Retail Networks

Didgebridge helps many of today’s top retail and consumer companies with our mobile on-demand suite of products by improving loyalty marketing, increasing sales growth, accelerating new product launches and improving internal training through virtual sales tools.

Why Video?

Videos increases understanding by 74%

95% of a message is retained with video compared to 10% reading it in text.

80% of patients recall the content they have seen in the past 30 days.