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Consumer Retail Products

Acquiring New Customers is anywhere between 5-25 times more expensive than retention.

Vend HQ & Stitch Labs

We have developed a variety of products to service your needs in retail loyalty and retention. This includes creating elegant rich-content On-Demand 1:1 customer-centric private networks for brands and retailers.

Our Omni-channel Marcom platform can reach and engage your consumers through a variety of touchpoints.The end-result is growth to topline revenue and cost savings retention in both keeping and acquiring new customers.

Next Generation 1:1 Retail Loyalty and Brand Private Networks

Enhance customer loyalty and retention with Private text for rich-content education On-Demand product experiences powered by Intellismart®. 

New Product Launches & Consumer Research

Provide new product education and real world testing,  A:B testing, regional tests of content, consumer surveys, Test TV ads and creative with rich-content video on-demand powered by Intellismart®.

Internal Training Tools and Sales Recruiting

Leverage the power of text to rich-content video education for employee training, internal communication or in the recruitment of new employees with Intellismart®.

The Next Generation of Consumer Retail

helping you build an omni-channel private retail mobile network.



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